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Friday, 22nd August - Sunday, 28th September
@ Alexandra Park

Cirque du Soleil's newest piece tracks the evolution of mankind.

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playSafari Night

Wednesday, 9th July - 10PM - Wednesday, 1st October - 10PM
@ Auckland Zoo

A safari and sleepover at the Zoo.

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filmperformingthinkExtreme Adventure on the Edge

Wednesday, 1st October - 7PM
@ ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre

Aa downhill-skiing, sea-and-white-water-kayaking, aeroplane-flying, adventure-film-making badass.

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Thursday, 4th September - Saturday, 4th October
@ Various Cinemas, Auckland

The Kiwi horror comedy that took SXSW by surprise.

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artfreeStill Life: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton

Wednesday, 27th August - Sunday, 5th October
@ Auckland Museum

The living and working conditions of earth's southernmost continent.

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musicMiley Cyrus

Wednesday, 8th October - 8PM
@ Vector Arena

It's been described as "campy", "surreal" and "raunchy".

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Friday, 10th October - 8PM
@ Wine Cellar

Supporting displaced families suffering in the current Gaza crisis.

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musicBeastwars and Windhand

Saturday, 11th October - 8PM
@ Kings Arms

A double dose of metal.

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musicThe Selecter

Saturday, 11th October - 8PM
@ Studio, K Road

The originals, but not thee originals.

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filmWish I Was Here

Thursday, 11th September - Saturday, 11th October
@ Various Cinemas, Auckland

Zach Braff's follow up to his popular directorial debut The Garden State.

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freeplaythinkPop-Up Mini Golf

Saturday, 27th September - Sunday, 12th October
@ Wynyard Quarter

One is never too grown up for mini golf.

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Monday, 13th October - 8PM
@ ASB Theatre

The return of the Detroit folk-rock survivor.

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