Concrete Playground



Saturday, 1st November - 7PM
@ Vector Arena

Our homecoming queen of goth-pop.

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musicThe Greatest Show on Earth: Halloween Carnival

Saturday, 1st November - 8PM
@ Cassette Nine

Cassette Nine are throwing down all their cards for (what may possibly be) The Greatest Show on Earth.

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Wednesday, 29th October - 7PM - Saturday, 1st November - 7PM
@ Lower NZI 1, Aotea Centre

Homer's epic re-imagined through postmodern theatre and live animation.

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musicLawrence Arabia

Tuesday, 14th October - 8PM - Saturday, 1st November - 8PM
@ Wine Cellar

Measured and minimalistic folk.

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performingthinkThe Feast

Wednesday, 29th October - Saturday, 1st November
@ The Basement

Spoken poetry, shadow art and clowns.

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artfreemusicWaitakere Festival

Sunday, 2nd November - 11AM
@ Corban Estate Arts Centre

A day filled with local music, upcycle fashion boutiques and food stalls.

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filmGone Girl

Thursday, 2nd October - Sunday, 2nd November
@ Various Cinemas, Auckland

Once again, Fincher is dressing up trash as serious art. And frankly, we wouldn't take it any other way.

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thinkNic Watt Cooking Masterclass

Wednesday, 5th November - 6PM
@ DeLonghi Showroom

Let the award-winning celebrity chef Nic Watt from Masu show you how it's done.

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Thursday, 6th November - 8PM
@ The Platform

Authentic music in a pool of synthetic sounds.

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performingBill Bailey: Limboland

Wednesday, 5th November - Thursday, 6th November
@ ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre

The Black Books comedian takes on the contrast between reality and our idealised versions of ourselves.

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musicJimmy Eat World

Saturday, 8th November - 8PM
@ Powerstation

Celebrating their deepest and most emotive piece of work.

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artfreeThe Heraldry of Presence

Friday, 10th October - Saturday, 8th November
@ Fresh Gallery Otara

This exhibition will see artist Fiona Jack bring together flags and banners made by her and members of the local community.

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