Concrete Playground


musicAloe Blacc

Tuesday, 21st October - 8PM
@ Powerstation

Give the man a dollar.

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musicHot Chocolate

Tuesday, 21st October - 8PM
@ Bruce Mason Centre

The band, not the drink.

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musicSouthern Fork Americana Fest

Saturday, 11th October - Saturday, 25th October
@ The Tuning Fork

Featuring some of the international and local heroes of alternative Americana music.

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Tuesday, 21st October - Saturday, 25th October
@ Q Theatre

A shocking play about a woman whose cells helped develop the polio vaccine, the perfect shade of lipstick, and everything in between.

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filmThe Equalizer

Thursday, 25th September - Saturday, 25th October
@ Various Cinemas, Auckland

Another violent 'lone vigilante' flick from the team that brought you Training Day.

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performingYo Future

Thursday, 16th October - Saturday, 25th October
@ Tapac

Yo Future explores the fears and preoccupations of the millennial generation.

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performingThe Sound of Music

Friday, 3rd October - Sunday, 26th October
@ The Civic

The musical that inspired the Academy Award-winning film.

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filmMagic in the Moonlight

Thursday, 28th August - Tuesday, 28th October
@ Various Cinemas, Auckland

Woody Allen's magic is worth a watch, even if it is just to ogle at Provence's enchanting beauty.

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artfreeNew Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year

Thursday, 2nd October - Thursday, 30th October
@ Wynyard Quarter

Professional and amateur photographers have submitted their most promising works with the hopes of becoming New Zealand's Next Top Geographic Photographer.

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artSafe In Sound

Wednesday, 15th October - Friday, 31st October
@ Fukuko

Shoes have never been so arty.

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filmGone Girl

Thursday, 2nd October - Sunday, 2nd November
@ Various Cinemas, Auckland

Once again, Fincher is dressing up trash as serious art. And frankly, we wouldn't take it any other way.

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artfreeThe Heraldry of Presence

Friday, 10th October - Saturday, 8th November
@ Fresh Gallery Otara

This exhibition will see artist Fiona Jack bring together flags and banners made by her and members of the local community.

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