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    Sip Kitchen

    Where: 25 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
    Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 06.00 - 03.00 Sat - Sun: 08.00 - 02.00
    Phone: 021 337 037

    I used to have three main issues with the smoothie epidemic that's trending in Auckland at the moment:

    1. Broccoli in smoothies. Green smoothies freak me out. Broccoli is for boiling, not for blending; it's meant to be eaten, not slurped through a straw.

    2. People keep saying "smoothie" and I find the word very disconcerting when it's said too often.

    3. Why are people so obsessed with smoothies? It's just a drink. And not even an awesome ice-cream filled, chocolate swirled one.

    Well, those smoothie-related qualms bother me no more. I can proudly say I've jumped on the bandwagon bound for Smoothietown because, thanks to Sip Kitchen, I have a new love. A love that is refreshing, healthy and so incredibly delicious.

    It may have been love at first sight, because as soon as I stepped through the doors of Sip Kitchen I was sold. The cafe is petite but bright and decorated to perfection. The staff are chatty and helpful, especially for smoothie rookies like myself, who had no idea what to order from the list of smoothie specialities on offer. I ended up with a Mulberry Plum smoothie ($8.50), which was sweet without being sickening and packed with rich flavours. I also tried the Berry Bliss ($8.50), which was also full of amazing fruity flavour.

    Smoothies aside, the place makes a mean coffee, with a range of teas also on offer. There's cabinet food at the counter, piled high with healthy, raw and organic goodness. I don't usually find salads all that exciting, but the root vegetable slaw ($6) had me frothing at the mouth. Even the sweet options are for the health-conscious, with seed balls ($1.50) and a no-bake brownie ($5) that tastes just like the real thing but without the aftertaste of guilt.

    Smoothie veterans, smoothie newbies and even the smoothie adverse will love Sip Kitchen. I could go on about how delicious everything on offer is, but I have said the word smoothie too much and it's making me uncomfortable.

    By Diana Clarke



    Ideal Meal:
    Root Vegetable Salad and a Mulberry Plum Smoothie

    Price Range:

    Smoothie and organic food cafe

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    Sip Kitchen

    -36.7446393,174.7333847,Sip Kitchen,25 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
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